Literacy Groups


Reading and Writing Workshops from Preschool to Middle School

  • Led by New York State-licensed Teachers and Speech Language Pathologists, specializing in the connection between spoken and written language.
  • Students will receive personalized attention as part of a small group, which allows for thoughtful questions, discussion, and peer support.
  • Each 60-minute session incorporates a structured, systematic, multi-sensory approach to reading.
  • Students are grouped into small groups (2-4 students) based on individual skill level.
  • Students access information through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic modalities.
  • Individual sessions are also available.

Pre-Literacy Group for Preschool Students (ages 3-5)

Pre-reading skills include alphabetic awareness (letter shapes, sequence of the alphabet), book manipulation, sound/symbol correspondence, rhyming, and word play. Children will be exposed to a wide variety of multi-sensory techniques that allow for strong sound/symbol correspondence, and will participate in word play which strengthens overall phonemic awareness.

An introduction to letter formation using principles from the Handwriting Without Tears® program will also be incorporated into sessions for optimal Pre-K / Kindergarten readiness.


Initial Reading/Decoding (ages 6-8)


This group is designed for students who would benefit from support in the areas of sound/symbol correspondence (consonant digraphs, vowel pairs, welded sounds), syllabification, decoding, and fluency. Spelling rules and practice will also be incorporated into each session. Techniques derived from the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading instruction will be utilized in each session.

Sample activities include word sort according to digraph, practicing sight words using multi-sensory techniques such as writing words in sand, Reader’s Theater to increase students’ fluency in reading aloud, and student discussion targeting comprehension of main idea, inferencing, and drawing appropriate conclusions based on the text.

Writer’s Workshop (ages 9-11)

This group is geared toward students who would benefit from support in the area of written language. The writing process involves many language processes, including spelling (phonological and orthographic processing), handwriting (visual-motor coordination), language formulation (syntax, morphology, semantics, discourse, pragmatics), attention, executive functioning (organization and planning, monitoring), and memory. A breakdown in any one of these areas can create confusion, frustration, and negativity toward writing.

Writer’s Workshop is a place in which students will learn techniques that will make writing easier and more fun. High-interest topics (e.g., writing movie reviews, writing letters to favorite athletes) will be included in sessions to allow for optimal student participation.

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