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Premier Speech Therapy Services in New York City

Premier Speech Therapy Services

Welcome to Open Lines – your New York-based home for speech, language, voice and swallowing therapy.

Open Lines Speech and Communication recognizes the impact that the COVID-19 outbreak is having across our community. In an effort to continue to support health and safety measures in our community and to maintain quality and continuity of care, Open Lines is providing Online Speech Therapy for all of our clients.

Online Speech Therapy (telehealth) delivers speech, language, voice, and swallowing treatment and evaluations by connecting you with our clinicians via secure, online platforms. This service delivery model is successful for a wide range or ages and needs. Children as young as 2 years old and adults as old as 90 have used our telehealth service delivery with great success!

You can expect no interruption in your services. More importantly, you’ll find a caring and expert team, ready to guide you through the process of speech therapy for yourself or your loved one. And when the health advisory has been lifted, we will be here in office and over telehealth to continue your treatment plans.

Here, you’ll find answers to your questions about caring for your own or your loved one’s speech language pathology needs. More importantly, you’ll find a caring and expert team, ready to guide you through the process of speech therapy for yourself or your loved one.

Speech language pathology – the evaluation and treatment of speech and swallowing disorders – takes more than developing and executing a treatment plan. Positive outcomes are a result of having a team of support made up of therapists, caregivers, and the client’s own family members. At Open Lines, you receive access to a well-integrated clinical team that provides personalized speech therapy for every patient. We emphasize education for caregivers and family members (with your permission), so all stakeholders can participate in the your therapy.


Speech therapy for adults and children

Speech therapy can take on many forms. Your Open Lines team combines an emphasis on research with clinical expertise to provide customized, unconstrained treatment for patients of all ages, facing a variety of challenges. All of these areas can be treated over telehealth platforms. They include:


Speech therapy

Exceptional Care for Speech Therapy Patients

Health, circumstances, busy life in the city – there are many factors that can make access to speech therapy in NYC a challenge for some. The Open Lines team is committed to removing as many limitations as possible, especially in these ever changing times. We monitor our case load and focus on the details – like ensuring our hour-long sessions last a full 60 minutes or providing extended 2-3 hour sessions for those with intensive needs, such as stroke survivors. We provide individual and group speech therapy for children and adults, as well as online treatment – a platform for providing services to you in the convenience of your own home. Here, your team is up-to-date, trained and always looking for opportunities to make your care a positive, personal experience.

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