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Accent Reduction Classes in New York City

People who speak English with an accent may wish to change or reduce their accent for a variety of reasons. They may feel others will have an easier time understanding what they are saying, or simply may want to “blend in” better with colleagues or friends. Some feel a reduced accent will increase confidence when addressing groups of people in professional settings. Whatever your reason, Open Lines provides the professionally structured and supervised classes you need to correctly and naturally modify your accent.


Accent Training to Help Improve Your Speech and Life

If you wish to lessen the influence your native language is having on your production of English, a speech-language pathologist can help to identify exactly how you are currently producing the sound and demonstrate a change that may diminish your accent (i.e. practice placing the tongue in a different position when producing a certain sound). Your native language may also use stress, rhythm, and intonation that may influence your production of English and make it difficult to understand. Your Open Lines therapist can help you identify these factors and give you accent training techniques to reduce their effects.

This accent reduction class may be appropriate for non-native English speakers, or those who wish to reduce a regional accent. A speech-language pathologist will evaluate your speech and goals and develop a program catered to your specific needs related to accent reduction.

If you’d like to learn more about reducing or modifying your accent, call or email us today!