Accent Reduction

A Speech Language Pathologist is uniquely trained to understand how the components of the vocal tract work together to produce each sound. The placement of the articulators (lips, tongue, teeth, soft and hard palates) vary according to the sound a person is producing as well as what language s/he is speaking. If a person wishes to lessen the influence his/her native language is having on his/her production of English, a therapist can help to identify exactly how the client is currently producing the sound and demonstrate a change that may diminish his/her accent (i.e. practice placing the tongue in a different position when producing a certain sound). A person’s native language may also use stress, rhythm, and intonation that may influence their production of English and make it difficult to understand. This therapy may be appropriate for non-native English speakers, or those who wish to reduce a regional accent. A speech language pathologist will evaluate your needs and develop a program catered to your specific needs related to accent reduction.