Why Do I Cough When Drinking Water?

Take a moment to picture those activities you enjoy the most in life. Many of them are likely centered around eating, enjoying favorite foods, or gathering with friends and loved ones for events and occasions that involve special meals. Most of us have never stopped to consider the complex neurological and motor activities that make … Continued

When Can You Return to Work After a Stroke? 

If or when a patient can return to work after a stroke is a common, but appropriate, question for many stroke patients and their loved ones. While a stroke can affect many aspects of your everyday routine, it can also have a severe impact on speech and language — two components of communication which are … Continued

How to Communicate with People with Aphasia 

Imagine living your life knowing what you want to say or write but being unable to do so. People who have survived stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other neurological injuries and have aphasia deal with these types of communication difficulties every day. You can imagine the difficulty and frustration experienced by both the person with … Continued

Can You Recover from Aphasia?

  Surviving a stroke has far-reaching impacts that can touch almost every facet of life. Depending on which areas of the brain were affected during the stroke, you may experience speech and language problems known as aphasia.  Aphasia is an acquired, neurological language disorder that can affect spoken language, comprehension of language, written expression, or reading comprehension. Since we use language in some form every … Continued

Speech Therapy Classes for Groups 

The unique challenges that 2020 presented impacted almost every facet of life, modifying  the way our country operates, communicates, and educates. Despite obstacles and the need to make numerous adaptations, our clients have demonstrated their impressive flexibility and resilience as they have transitioned to online platforms and continued to make exciting progress, whether in academics, … Continued

Can You Lose Your Accent? 

It is often fascinating and fun to listen to your favorite actor or actress speaking with a different accent. It can be surprising — and even shocking — to find out that a person you could have sworn is American may actually be from the United Kingdom or that the actress who sounded like she was from … Continued

How Does Speech Therapy Work During COVID-19?  

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to alter your daily routines and how you seek out health care, you may have considered whether speech therapy is worth the risk or if you or a loved one can safely benefit from speech therapy at this time.   Many people have delayed medical treatment and rehabilitative or habilitative programs during COVID-19. Postponing healthcare interventions can have a … Continued

Does My Toddler Need Speech Therapy?

Many parents wonder about their children’s speech and language development. It may feel as though your child has a difficult time being understood by unfamiliar people or is saying less than peers or siblings did at their age. You may be unsure whether these differences are typical or if your child’s speech and language is … Continued

How to Improve Your Speaking Skills 

Communication is fundamental to the human experience. Whether you are talking to your family, socializing with friends, or standing in front of a group at work, effective communication relies on a sophisticated and integrated set of skills that enables you to rapidly share and interpret information with ease.  Even though we all speak every day, the … Continued