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Aphasia is the loss of language due to a neurological injury such as stroke, tumor, disease or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Research has shown that intensive aphasia speech therapy anywhere from 1-4 hours per day up to 5 days per week can significantly improve understanding, speaking, reading, and writing abilities for those with aphasia. It is never too late!  Even those who survived a stroke long ago can benefit! Open Lines Speech and Communication can help.

Speech therapy for stroke patients

NYC’s Premier Individualized Aphasia Speech Therapy Treatment

For adults who’ve survived a stroke or other neurological injury, we offer individualized aphasia speech therapy programs. Research shows that intensive (2+ hours a day) speech therapy is extremely beneficial for people with aphasia. Our program includes:

  • In-depth aphasia assessment
  • An individualized treatment plan incorporating the client and their families’ needs
  • Caregiver Education and Support
  • Multiple days per week of intensive therapy.
  • Post-stroke care management including doctor appointments, medications, safe traveling, preparing to go back to work, participating in activities you enjoyed before your stroke

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Aphasia Treatment Helps Renew Conversation

Each therapy session includes research-based approaches grounded in principles of neuroplasticity. Clients regain the ability to functionally communicate in everyday situations and ultimately re-develop skill sets and strategies to enhance quality of life.

Contact us at 212-430-6800 for more information about our specialized, individualized programs. You may even be able to receive aphasia speech therapy in the comfort of your own home!

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Open Lines is a National Aphasia Association Affiliate