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Speech Therapy for Children and Adults in Los Angeles

Open Lines is excited to announce we are now offering our premium speech-language pathology services in the greater Los Angeles area! All services are overseen by NYU Grossman School of Medicine affiliated faculty and Columbia University-trained staff at the doctorate and Master’s levels, ensuring LA residents will experience the same high-quality, holistic speech therapy services provided in New York City for over a decade.

All services are provided in-school, in-home, at your business, or via telehealth by speech-language pathologists (SLP) and speech-language pathologist assistants (SLP-A) who are fully licensed nationally and by the State of California. We offer an array of rates based on the clinician, the frequency and duration of the session, and individualized needs. Please contact us for a free phone consultation and rate information customized to your needs.


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Our Services

Explore the rest of our site for a full understanding of the services we provide. We offer services in the following three categories:




Thinking, Speaking, and Swallowing Services for Survivors of Stroke, Brain Injury, Cognitive Impairment, Parkinson’s Disease, or Head and Neck Cancer

This program is designed to strengthen, restore, and retrain skills necessary for successful communication which may be altered due to a neurological event or progressive neurological changes. Following a comprehensive and individualized assessment to better understand your or your loved one’s unique experience and personal goals, we develop customized, intensive treatment programs to help you regain the ability to functionally communicate in daily activities and develop skills and strategies that will enhance the overall quality of life and well-being.




IMPROVE Your Communication

IMPROVE Your Communication

Speech, Language and Voice Services for Children, Teens, and Adults

The goal of this program is to strengthen those aspects of speech, language, and voice causing you concern so you or your child can communicate with ease and confidence. One of our licensed SLPs will guide you or your child through a one-on-one in-depth evaluation to better understand the nature of the difficulties causing concern. Your specialist will work with you to design a personal plan of action with individually-tailored exercises to improve skills and help you and your family achieve a positive, meaningful outcome.




ENHANCE Your Delivery

ENHANCE Your Delivery

Communication Services for Professionals

This program was designed to help those who speak in professional settings refine voice and speech abilities to maximize their impact and professionally excel. Following an individualized evaluation, we will examine all aspects of your voice and communication. We will design a personalized plan to improve your ability to project and control your voice to more effectively convey your personality and ideas. Through focused instruction and practice, we will help you find your voice— one that gives you confidence in any setting.



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