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Telehealth Speech Therapy

Open Lines Speech and Communication recognizes the impact that the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak is having across our community. In an effort to continue to support health and safety measures and to maintain quality and continuity of care, we offer online speech therapy to any client who is interested. Open Lines has been providing quality telehealth speech therapy sessions since 2009 to children, adults and senior citizens with a wide range of needs. We also continue to offer in-person services or blended telehealth/in-person services.

Telehealth delivers speech, language, voice, and swallowing treatment and evaluations by connecting you with our clinicians via secure, online platforms. This service delivery model is successful for a wide range of ages. Children as young as two-years-old and adults as old as 90 have used our telehealth service delivery with great success!

Online speech therapy is ideal for any individual who cannot leave home or prefers to work from his own office. We offer most of our services through telecommunication, making in home speech therapy accessible as possible to those who need it.

Whether you need voice therapy, accent reduction, improving public speaking skills, have suffered an injury, stroke, or are otherwise unable to attend sessions at our clinic, we can still help.

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Speech Therapy that Fits Your Lifestyle

If you are in need of an online speech therapy program, call Open Lines at 212-430-6800 or email today. Together, we can determine a treatment plan best suited for you.

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