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Pediatric Online Speech Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

My child has trouble focusing. Will they be able to participate in online therapy?

As clinically trained, ASHA-certified speech-language pathologists, our staff have years of experience working with children who have difficulty sustaining attention or have weaknesses in executive functioning. We are trained to successfully implement many strategies during in-person and online sessions that translates into both personal and academic success. We recognize that each child has their own unique set of strengths and needs which we are happy and able to accommodate.

My child is on the autism spectrum. Will they be able to participate in online therapy?

Our team of experts has extensive experience treating children on the autism spectrum, both in-person and online. Besides working with the children, our clinicians also provide parent and caregiver training online when online or in-home sessions with the child are not feasible.

My child is elementary school age. Do I need to be in attendance for their online speech therapy sessions?

Many of our school-aged clients can participate in online speech therapy sessions independently once they become familiar with teletherapy. For other students, intermittent parent/caregiver participation may be beneficial.

My child is preschool age. Do I need to be in attendance for their online speech therapy session?

While some preschoolers may need a parent or caregiver to remain engaged during sessions and parent involvement may be required in some cases to increase therapeutic efficacy, many preschoolers can attend online speech therapy sessions with a great deal of independence given the proper supports and given time to adapt to teletherapy.  Our clinicians will work together with parents and caregivers to ease this transition by suggesting ways to create an optimal home environment at home that best promotes effective learning.

My children are twins or have siblings of similar ages. Can they do an online speech therapy session together?

Siblings and twins may find group/joint online sessions helpful if they have similar goals and targets, especially if goals are pragmatic and centered around improving communication with peers. However, many siblings benefit from individual, one-to-one sessions. Our staff is committed to provide personalized therapy that effectively targets our clients’ specific needs and goals. In some cases, a combination of group and individual sessions may be advised. Our staff of experts will provide you with additional information about the optimal plan for your children and family.

Adult Online Speech Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

My parent or a senior I care for is not comfortable with using technology. Will they be able to participate in online therapy speech therapy?

Yes! Our experienced staff of licensed speech and language pathologists have used online therapy with adults since 2009. Our specially-trained experts provide technology training over the phone to clients and care partners to make online speech therapy easily accessible.

My parent or a senior I care for is hard of hearing. Will they be able to participate in online speech therapy?

Yes! We recommend establishing a setup for online sessions in a quiet room in your home with minimal distractions and an adequate WiFi connection. You will also want to ensure that the volume on the device is turned up. Additionally, if the individual wears hearing aids or other assistive devices, we recommend charging devices prior to each session and ensuring that the individual wears their devices during the session. In some cases, the audio from the device being used for therapy may be able to connect directly to hearing aids via blue tooth. Our experts are skilled at adapting their language and their delivery of information to suit the needs of our clients. Simple changes like incorporating visual supports, simplifying instructions and teaching our clients compensatory strategies can make an instrumental difference in effective communication.

Can online speech therapy treat stuttering/disfluency?

Yes! Our team has treated stuttering/disfluency via online therapy since 2009. We train our staff to use a specific approach that targets the coordination of respiration and voice, thereby reducing moments of dysfluency, such as blocks or repetitions, due to laryngeal tension. Many clients who experience stuttering/dysfluency actually prefer online therapy sessions because there are greater opportunities for generalization by practicing their strategies in familiar conversational environments, rather than at a clinic. Generalization is a key component of therapy as our goals are for our clients to hear and experience the benefits of therapy in their daily lives and not just during their sessions.

Is it possible to have voice therapy online (e.g., to treat vocal cord nodules, polyps, and cysts; to treat hoarse voice or strain, tension, and fatigue associated with voicing; transgender voice therapy)?

Yes! Many adult clients are optimal candidates for online voice therapy and research studying the efficacy of teletherapy has demonstrated comparable therapeutic outcomes to in-person therapy. A therapeutic program starts with a comprehensive assessment conducted by a clinician. This is followed by a six-to-eight week program, consisting of weekly 60 minute sessions and a daily home exercise program. Besides reducing the strain, effort or fatigue associated with voicing to improve overall quality and usage, our clinicians will work with you to determine what your goals are, specifically how you want your voice to sound.

Can I improve my public speaking with online speech coaching?

Yes! In the current digital age, many meetings, conferences, and day-to-day business activities use technology (Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, etc.). The use of online platforms is an asset in learning to better communicate during both virtual and in-person meetings.

Can I reduce my accent with online speech therapy?

Yes! Many people seeking accent modification services are fantastic candidates for online speech therapy. Our staff has a wide range of experience providing elective services through telepractice. Particularly for individuals who wish to reduce their accent for professional reasons, teletherapy has an added benefit of allowing individuals to better customize their sessions to suit their work demands.