Pediatric Speech Therapy Evaluation and Treatment Flow Chart

If you notice that your child is behind their peers when it comes to communicating, pediatric speech therapy may be necessary. A certified Speech Language Pathologist can perform a thorough evaluation and recommend a course of treatment designed to facilitate speech and language development.

Pediatric Speech Therapy at Open Lines

The flow chart below can walk you through the steps of evaluation and treatment that your child will receive at Open Lines Speech and Communication. Once you have determined that your child may need help with their speech or language development, we’ll schedule an evaluation with our team of Speech Language Pathologists. During this evaluation, we will gather necessay information regarding the medical, speech and developmental history of your child and perform of series of tests designed to diagnosis their specific issues. We will then work with you to develop a series of treatment methods and goals fo eventual outcomes that are individually tailored to the needs of your child. A series f home exercises will also be provided so that your child can continue their progress at home during their pediatric speech therapy sessions as well as afterward.

At Open Lines, our team can provide treatment and tutoring for children of all ages struggling with a wide range of speech delays or disorders. Call us today at (212) 430-6800 fo an initial consultation and to set up an evaluation for your child.