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Public Speaking Classes at Open Lines in NYC

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As a professional, your work may make it necessary for you to speak in front of groups. Offering a presentation or giving a speech causes a great deal of stress for many people. These emotions have a tremendous impact, making you feel overwhelmed, foggy, and easily flustered. Your voice suffers as well. You may feel rushed or breathless. The natural tone and volume of your voice may vary, leaving you feeling embarrassed or unable to control your voice and speech.

Some adults try to avoid public speaking altogether and have given up overcoming this challenge, but there is hope!

Vocal Coaching for Public Speaking

At Open Lines, professional vocal coaches can give you the confidence and competence to speak in a variety of settings!

Our team consists of all licensed Speech-Language Pathologists. These experts bring years of clinical knowledge and experience to table, offering more complex, in-depth training compared to standard vocal or public speaking coaches.

Your public speaking training begins with an assessment to determine your unique needs. Your trained vocal coach will also help you identify how your fears and emotions regarding public speaking can impact your voice and will give you techniques to overcome your unique challenges.

Public speaking involves the intricately balanced components of a person’s thinking, language, emotions, voice and speech production systems working in slightly different ways when speaking in a small group, over the phone, large groups, or one-on-one. With detailed knowledge of the form and function of these connected systems, our speech therapists can work with you to develop goals related to your areas of need (i.e., projection, breath support, pitch, tone, vocal quality, speech rate and clarity).

This plan may include a number of methods such as:

  • breathing and relaxation techniques to lower stress
  • accent modification
  • vocal hygiene training
  • voice and speech production to eliminate hoarseness
  • improving vocal endurance
  • strengthening vocal projection and range
  • improving speech clarity

A speech therapist can illustrate how stress and anxiety of public speaking may be negatively impacting your voice and will introduce techniques to combat their effects.

Through focused instruction and practice, you will develop your own public speaking voice – one that gives you confidence in addressing your peers in any business or social setting. Imagine being able to assertively take the stand without anxiety or hesitation, becoming a better communicator and a better leader!

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