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Success Academy Charter Schools


Success Academy Charter Schools are a network of 22 elementary and middle schools located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. Their mission aims to prepare every student, or “scholar,” for a college education. Success Academies promote a “Beyond Z” philosophy which was developed based on a concept Dr. Seuss explored in his book “On Beyond Zebra”. In the book, he asks the reader to imagine what letters lie beyond the letter Z in the alphabet. Success Academies encourages creative thinking by asking their scholars to go “Beyond Z” every day.

Success Academy ranks in the Top 1% of all New York schools in Math with 82% of scholars passing the 2013 state exam. It also ranks in the Top 7% of all New York schools in English Language Arts (ELA) with 58% of scholars passing the 2013 state exam. Collectively Success Academy scholars performed 27% higher than the New York State average in ELA and 32% higher than New York City. For more information on Success Academies, click here.

Open Lines provides speech and language evaluations and therapy services to Success Academy scholars of all ages. Speech therapy sessions are integrated into a child’s school day so children do not miss instruction time in core academic subjects. The speech and language pathologist closely monitors a child’s progress towards their goals, providing quarterly progress reports to keep parents informed and involved in their child’s speech and language development.

If you are a parent of a Success Academy scholar and would like a free phone consultation:

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For more information about Success Academy’s outstanding schools, click here.