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When an individual suffers from dysphagia – an inability to swallow properly – the impact on his or her life can be significant. Sometimes an injury, a surgical side effect or trauma to the brain results in a swallowing disorder. For these individuals, reduced nutrition or hydration, less enjoyment eating or drinking socially, or the risk of food or liquid entering the airway become daily concerns. But there is hope!  Swallowing therapy can restore function, and the Open Lines team can provide the best treatment plan for you.

Dysphagia treatment takes on many forms

The cause of swallowing disorders can vary greatly from patient to patient. Symptoms can occur in the oral, pharyngeal or esophageal stages of the swallowing process. Therefore, the treatment options available to each patient are unique. Please visit with your doctor and have a radiographic or videofluoroscopic assessment performed before seeing your Speech Pathologist for your first dysphagia treatment at Open Lines Speech and Communication. This allows your therapist to customize your treatment plan to give you the best care possible.

Learn more about swallowing therapy and find out how a specialized, individualized treatment plan could help you regain lost enjoyment taken by dysphagia. Call Open Lines at 212-430-6800 or email today.

You can also learn more about swallowing disorders by visiting the American Speech-Language Hearing Association website.