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I’ve been practicing law for 60 years (Harvard Law School – Class of 1961). Recently, I had to give two of the most meaningful speeches of my life on (1) the 50th Anniversary of my law firm, Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP and (2) the celebration of the creation of my Professorship in Human Rights at Harvard Law School. Having spoken literally hundreds of times in the last 60 years, I did not think I needed any help. I was wrong. Jessica not only improved the technical elements in my speeches — volume, spacing, structure and emphases but went further. She analyzed every word and thought, making suggestions where additional explanations were needed. Jessica is a speech therapist therapist. Needless to say, I strongly recommend Jessica, without qualification.

~ William D. Zabel

I have had Parkinson’s disease for 23 years and in that time I have been examined by some of the finest medical professionals in the country. When my speech started to deteriorate I was referred to Dr. Jessica Galgano for initiation of the Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT) and I can say from a patient’s perspective that she is one of the best professionals who has ever treated me.

Of all the symptoms that Parkinson’s disease has presented the deterioration of my speech has been the most difficult for me to handle. Dr Galgano was very sensitive to this fact and she took great pains to explain to me the goals and methodology of LSVT so that I would know what to expect.

From the first session I knew I was in good hands. Her use of technology and her training were unparalleled. She is intense but not to the point of being overbearing. The results are that I can still speak and I owe it all to Dr. Jessica Galgano.

Dr. Galgano has excellent people skills that when merged with her training make for a superior therapist. I have no problem in recommending her to you because I know you will be getting one of the best of the best.

~ Tom M.

My efforts with respect to Jessica’s speech learning has been a tremendous success. I have grown from knowing very little in my understanding at the beginning of the process to a much better comfort level in grammar, syntax word-organization. I have reached these accomplishments in only four months and am comfortable that in the next six months, I will become even stronger under her leadership.

~ Jonathan H.

We have been clients for over 9 months now, and I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Galgano and her staff.  The quality of the curriculum / teaching methodology is top notch. He looks forward to going to speech every week.

I would highly recommend Open Lines. I’ve been to other practices in this area and this practice is by far the best.

~ Jennifer P.

Thanks to Dr. Galgano I now have my voice fully restored. Jessica and her team conducted a thorough evaluation, then designed a therapy regimen based on the most current research and techniques. I highly recommend Open Lines Speech and Communication to anyone with speech and voice concerns

~ Abigail M.

We came to see Jessica at Open Lines Speech and Communication about 6 months ago with our son (4 years old) to treat his speech disfluency. Jessica started with a thorough evaluation of his speech and cognitive-impairment abilities and went on to explain her theory and therapeutic approach. Over the next months, we met on a weekly basis to follow my son’s progress and to get further instructions and guidance.

Jessica created a very warm and welcoming environment to which my son was always happy to return. He was actually waiting the entire week for our next meeting. In addition, Jessica’s accurate diagnosis and choice of therapy was such that it encouraged our son to continue working on his speech and have fun doing it rather than feeling that this is some kind of chore. We are happy to say that our son progressed very quickly and now his speech is flawless and indistinguishable from that of other kids his age. We feel that we were incredibly lucky to have met Jessica and we recommend her wholeheartedly to everyone who needs such assistance.

~ Zvika and Tami G.

After my father’s stroke my entire family was greatly impacted, but as his only child no one was more impacted than me. For his speech therapy, I chose Open Lines because I was impressed not only by Dr. Galgano’s extensive expertise and experience, but also by the philosophy of her company.

Open Lines is committed to total care. Even from the initial evaluation it was obvious to me that Dr. Galgano cares deeply about her clients. She takes every possible factor into account; not only clinically treating my father, she also inquires about his day-to-day stress levels and general well-being. Her therapy is integrated with every aspect of his life. She even recommended several relaxation techniques to manage his anxiety around communication, improving his life as well as his speech.

At Open Lines, there is a recognition that the caretakers often need as much care as the patient. Often times I attend my father’s session, but sometimes it’s nice to leave him in Dr. Galgano’s capable hands and get an hour of relaxation for myself.

I would highly recommend the services of Open Lines. Dr. Galgano has been the perfect guide for my father’s journey to healing… and a huge help for me personally!

~ Denise T.