Early Intervention Speech Therapy for Your Toddler

Image of toddler speech therapist working with a smaller group of toddlers

If you are concerned that your toddler is showing signs of speech delay, treatment is available at Open Lines!

Learning to communicate is a big task for your toddler, requiring far more than just an ability or desire to make sounds. Communication is a multisensory activity with language and social aspects. At Open Lines, early intervention speech therapy is an exciting time of learning and development for your child.

Open Lines’ early intervention speech therapy includes:

  • Individualized attention, customized to meet the needs of your child
  • Social-emotional, language, and academic development
  • Peer interaction and hands-on activities
  • Low specialist-to-child ratio
  • Weekly one-hour classes
  • Flexible scheduling

Image of an early intervention speech therapist working with two toddlers

Hands-on activities for multisensory learning during thematic language sessions.

Image of two toddlers working in a group speech class

1-hour weekly classes. Email us for availability.

Weekly Extras

Strategies and suggestions for parents and caregivers to facilitate carryover of language learning in the home and other environments.

Individualized reports of your child’s progress.


How do I know if my child would benefit from this program?

Almost any 2-4 year old would be a candidate for this program!

Early education is a critical component in determining academic and social success. Language lays the foundation for all learning, including understanding concepts, learning to read and write, and interacting well with others.

Open Lines Toddler Learning Groups will help your child learn the language skills needed to continue to learn and grow in competitive and cooperative environments.

Image of an early intervention speech therapist working with a smaller group of toddlers

Who treats speech delay in toddlers?

Image of toddler speech therapist blowing bubbles with a child

Open Lines’ speech and language development classes are led by New York City’s top speech, language, and literacy specialists. Our certified and licensed speech language pathologists are New York State certified teachers with many years of experience working with preschool-aged children.

We’ll also give you strategies and suggestions to help you continue your child’s development at home. Individualized reports of your child’s progress from our team will help you monitor your child’s growth as we lay the foundation for academic and social learning.

Get answers for your questions!

Almost any 2-4 year old may be a candidate for our program. If you are just beginning your research into early intervention speech therapy for your child, or if you are overwhelmed and discouraged by your circumstances, your Open Lines team can help you find your next steps. Call 212-430-6800 or email today!