What are LSVT LOUD for Life Programs?

A Parkinson's disease patient goes through a LSVT Loud for Life class.

Anyone who has spent time learning a new skill, such as playing the piano, or obtained significant fitness gains working out at the gym, knows that continued proficiency and results require consistent, dedicated practice.

The same is true for those working on speech and language goals. Without regular exercise and tune-ups, some may find they slip back into old habits, lose the strength of their voice, or have difficulty communicating when anxious and experience an overall decline in their confidence communicating.  Even though we all know this, keeping up with daily exercises can become monotonous and it may be tough to stay inspired.

These challenges may be especially true for people with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological disorders who often face additional barriers related to continued participation in exercise programs due to symptoms characteristic of their disease.

In recognition of this need and in an effort to provide people with Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders with platforms where they can stay motivated to drive motor learning, Open Lines is pleased to offer web-based LSVT LOUD for LIFE group exercise classes.

Classes to Provide Long-Term Support

Research reports people with Parkinson’s experience higher rates of apathy, anxiety, depression, difficulties with motor planning, internal cuing, sensory processing, attention, and memory. Side effects from medication can also hinder adherence to a regular exercise routine — not to mention practical challenges of time and place!

LSVT LOUD for Life classes are for those who have completed the four-week LSVT LOUD® speech treatment program under the direction of an LSVT LOUD certified clinician. LSVT LOUD for Life is a maintenance class intended to provide long-term support and consistent structure to fuel continued practice of voice exercises needed to maintain effective communication.

Daily home practice, continued use of a loud voice when speaking, and regularly scheduled tune-ups with your LSVT LOUD clinician is considered essential for maintaining results achieved during the four-week LSVT LOUD program.

Exercises to Meet Your Goals

Understandably, many of us have a hard time keeping daily exercises interesting and challenging enough to sustain regular practice. We get it — we’re here to help! LSVT LOUD for Life is a maintenance tool intended to help reinforce learning from the program and enhance practice to keep you committed to your goals.

Classes are web-based and led “live” by a specially trained and certified LSVT LOUD for Life coach. You are guided through several key exercises created to reinforce learning from the program and to help you practice keeping your voice strong and increase your confidence speaking within fun, functional, and socially interactive activities. Your coach will demonstrate exercises as well as provide tips for supporting your louder voice in common, real-world situations.

LOUD for Life classes are more than just a place to reinforce learning and knowledge. They are also community building experiences. You will be connected with others who are all similarly driven to do what you need to do to live a full life, today!

The group setting is a place where you can find encouragement and accountability to stay motivated to meet your communication goals. Activities are fun and emphasize exercises that are meaningful, functional, and promote social engagement. Many find the group setting highly rewarding because it is stimulating, encouraging, and reinforces accountability.

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